Los Angeles



By Eric Newill- Octubre 2009 (EE.UU)

Colombian photographer Efren Isaza is the latest artist to be showcased at the ineffably chic Casa Tua restaurant, joining the ranks of such masters as Richard Avedon, Elliott Erwitt and Horst. The show, which begins on October 15 and runs through November, will feature Isaza's fashion-inspired images many of which he has embellished with texts and patterns using ink and paint.

His dealer, dealer, Andy Cowan, says, "Isaza is one of those rare photographers whose work strays into that intangible area we recognize as art.

While he is by no means the first to alter his photographic prints, his aesthetic attitude is such that the works are invariably fresh”.

And Casa Tua owner Miky Grandene agrees: "It's exciting to collaborate with Efren. Our customers include many collectors, dealers and connoisseurs from the art world and Casa Tua has become a reference point for some of the finest photographic art exhibitions in Miami”.